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Photovoltaic warehouse

We offer a full range of photovoltaic components, including photovoltaic panels, inverters. Fast, cheap, on site!

Work hours
Installation of photovoltaics

Fill out a simple form and we will prepare the best offer. Installation of a photovoltaic installation is a pleasure for us.

What we do

We have a wide range of services that we provide to our clients. Photovoltaics is not a mystery to us, service is not a problem.


Photovoltaic warehouse

We sell photovoltaic modules, inverters, assembly structures, stainless screws, AC / DC protection.


Photovoltaic installations

We assemble the photovoltaic installation mainly locally - we want to be in close contact with the client when the need arises.


Service of photovoltaic installations

When the photovoltaic installation does not work - call us, we will repair the inverter, we will check the connections of the solar cables, we will take measurements of the installation.


Design and documentation

We have always been designing photovoltaic installations, we also prepare a set of necessary documents.


Washing photovoltaic panels

We clean modules even in difficult conditions (using ropes, lifts or scaffolding).


Recykling modułów fotowoltaicznych

We accept defective photovoltaic modules as well as broken ones for recycling.

Why Choose Us

As one of the few currently operating on the photovoltaic market, we have been in the industry for more than 4 years


Jamko is a team of professionals who do not fail in the most difficult conditions

Skills Experience

We pass on our experience gained over the years in the photovoltaic industry to our business and individual clients

Warranty service

We provide a guarantee for each photovoltaic service provided by our company.

Trusted Work

We have been trusted by many companies, institutions and individuals - trust us too!

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    Our client says

    We strive to make our client satisfied with our design, service and cleaning services for photovoltaic panels and with the material that was advised to him when choosing a photovoltaic installation installation

    A company with great potential. Photovoltaic panels of a good quality photovoltaic inverter also work without any complaints for 4 years. The editors are experienced and well-trained people who finished editing in less than 2 days. The panels do a great job and the work was done in a very professional way. I highly recommend it!
    Olaf Kwarta
    Many are wondering about the choice of an assembly company as well as the components themselves for mounting the installation. Everyone advised something else .. The JAMKO company as one of the few convinced me of the quality of the materials used for deny compared to those offered by other companies, explaining it with better equipment ...
    Łukasz Białek